Rally driver Asad Khan passed away on Sunday, December 19, after battling for his life at the High Dependency Unit at the Avenue Hospital where he has been undergoing treatment. Asad had been in hospital for almost a week following injuries sustained from an altercation with lover Maxine Wahome.

Asad’s brother Adil confirmed his brother’s demise stating that the family spent the last hours comforting the deceased. 

“Yes, my brother Asad has finally left us. We had been at his bedside ever since he was admitted to the hospital with stab wounds. It is really sad,” he wrote. And added that his brother also lost a lot of blood, one of the major contributing factors to his death.  

Asad Khan

He died twice

“Most people don’t know that my brother died twice,” Adil Khan brother to rally driver Asad Khan said. Adil said when got to the hospital he was told that Asad was brought to the hospital by strangers. He said a nurse called him and told him straightaway that Asad had a cardiac arrest.

Adil said the nurse however, said Asad was on a machine and doctors were attempting to revive him. “They brought him back. They did not know why he had the cardiac arrest. He had no blood and there was none leaking from the cut on his leg,” he said. Adil said as soon as they started the transfusion, Asad’s leg started oozing again. 

“During that process again he had another cardiac arrest, the second time. Again, they revived him as the blood was going in,” he said. Adil said doctors said they had no A+ blood in Nairobi Hospital. It was at this point that Asad was transferred to Avenue Hospital.

It is reported that Asad lived with his girlfriend of more than two years and their families knew about the relationship. Mr Asad had been married before, but the relationship did not work out, and later his wife left the country.

Adil has vowed to pursue justice for his brother whose tragic death has been a big blow to his family and his fans who loved him and celebrated his many successes in the motorsports world.


Rally driver Asad Khan will be cremated Monday, December 19, at Kariokor Muslim cemetery. His funeral will be held at Parklands Mosque, 3rd Parklands Road, followed by Asr prayers at 4 pm.

Watch Adil’s interview here.


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