I can not be the only one who has noticed how all of a sudden politicians are overworking. And Raila is no exception.

So the next general elections are just around the corner. And this has got politicians doing their best to win the hearts of fellow Kenyans to gather votes.

For instance, Babu Owino, Member of Parliament Embakasi East has been physically visiting the sick people from his constituency that are admitted to hospitals. And he also finally ensured that roads that were in bad conditions in his constituency were repaired. Obviously for him to maneuver easily during the campaign period.

Starehe MP and singer Jaguar who literally went mute after being elected has also begun distributing shoes to schooling kids in his constituency. Honestly, I last heard of Jaguar when Babu slapped him or he slapped Babu, I don’t know.

Various other politicians are doing the best they can in their specific areas to ensure they banner more votes. One MCA from Kapsoit was also spotted helping a lady wash her clothes. They are really doing the most!

Paul Chirchir

Presidential aspirant Raila Odinga popularly known as Babu in his attempt to win the youth was also spotted dressing like a youth.

Raila who promises the youth at least four cabinet positions once elected As the president was rocking the trendy off white Nike Airforce 1 and a pair of blue jeans. That was when he met a section of the youth leaders at Nairobi Uni.

According to the designer who gifted Raila the show, the pair cost roughly 400,000 Kenyan shillings.

The former Prime Minister is currently touring the Mt. Kenya region trying to win votes of the youth.

I wonder if Baba would really tweet in sheng.

What other things have you seen the politicians doing now that elections are near?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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