Rachel Mbuki vs Chokuu

Chokuu the bully

I feel like we had unanimously agreed not to give this man/woman a second of our time. But he has been too much.

We all know he exists to clout chase by trying to tarnish other people’s names online.

In modern society, we call that cyberbullying. And cyberbullying is a crime, but seems Chokuu is not aware of that.

This boy/girl has in the recent past tried to bully Edgar Obare. And not only bullying but also creating and spreading a rumor that Edgar is gay. Chokuu has also been trolling and bullying former miss universe Kenya, Rachel Mbuki. See the stories here.

Rachel has silently taken in all the insults, warned Chokuu once and again till she couldn’t take it no more.

Rachel has finally involved her lawyers to deal with the misogynist man as she put it. Below is the letter addressed to Chokuu aka Samuel Otieno Owiya by Jackson Law International.

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Rachel Mbuki’s statement

Rachel went ahead to explain further what has been happening…

“Today, my lawyer sent Chokuu this cease and desist letter. This is only the beginning of the legal proceedings I’m pursuing against him.

As you all know, over the past few months, I have been a subjected to vile, relentless, incessant cyber bullying by Chokuu. I issued several pleas and warnings for it to stop but it did not. I even came live (the live video is saved on my IGTV) with receipts disproving the lies he was telling in hopes that it would finally make him cease but it actually made him double down and come back with even worse lies and more bullying.

The other day he made it clear that he only does this for attention and had no intentions of stopping. As you know, I had previously started this process but he told intermediaries behind the scenes that if I agreed to drop the legal proceedings, he would cease the bullying and defamation and never mention me again.

Unfortunately, that only lasted for a little over a week. He was back worse than ever. Wishing death upon me, calling me vile names, body shaming me, among a host of other vile misogynistic attacks on me.

No one was put on this earth to be a punching bag. I refuse to be a victim. People take their lives every day on social media bullying. He proudly proclaimed that he would not stop until I took my life too.

Rachel Mbuki tired..

Never once have I ever responded to him in kind. I tried my damndest to be silent and take the high road. Now, however, it has become too much. I will let the German law, which cracks down very harshly on such conduct, handle it from here. As black women, especially if we appear to have something going for us, we are constantly put down and under attack. People are constantly trying to yank us off our pedestals- with support from the public. Punishment for daring to stand out, I suppose.

No one deserves this. If I lay down and let this continue, there will surely be another after me and more to follow. When one woman stands up for herself she stands up for all women. Say NO to misogyny. Say NO to cyberbullying. #justiceforallwomen.” Read her caption below the letters.

Chokuu who was advised by the lawyers to govern himself accordingly as he awaits the legal proceedings against him seems to stop at nothing. Because just after receiving the letter, he went ahead to call Rachel names via his Instagram page. And making fun of the letter.

And Rachel Mbuki learned of it through her fans then responded.

Rachel’s post

Chokuu will surely learn his lesson the hard way if he doesn’t stop. What are your thoughts on this issue?

By Wanjiru Mbaru.

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