The launch of the Kenya’s premiere Netflix reality show, ‘The Bahati’s Empire’ took an unexpected turn when renowned Kenyan rapper Prezzo collapsed during the event. The incident occurred on June 6 at the Westwood Hotel in Nairobi, drawing significant attention from attendees and the media.

The event was a glamorous affair, attended by celebrities, media personalities, and even Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

The latter congratulated Bahati, for “opening a window showcasing Kenyan creativity to an audience of over 222 million subscribers in over 190 countries across the world. This show is taking Kenyan content to the world,”

As the celebration was gaining momentum, Prezzo suddenly collapsed, appearing to suffer a seizure according to videos shared online.

Rapper Prezzo at ‘The Bahati’s Empire’ launch in Nairobi

Quick-thinking guests provided immediate first aid while waiting for medical professionals to arrive. These videos have since sparked a debate regarding the appropriateness of the first aid measures applied, with some critics suggesting that certain actions might have been potentially harmful.

The incident cast a shadow over the launch, which was intended to celebrate the new Netflix reality show ‘The Bahati’s Empire.’ The show, featuring popular musician Bahati and his family, promises an intimate look into their lives and careers.

Meanwhile, fans and fellow artists quicky flooded social media with messages of support and well-wishes for his speedy recovery.

Prezzo Provides Health Update

Prezzo issued a health update the next day, assuring his supporters he was doing wealth. And that overworking and fatigue led him to collapse during the event. He will be taking time off to recover.

Contrary to the news going around on social media about my health and red carpet incident last night, I’d like to let everyone know that iam well and remember it is not easy being Prezzo. (Been overworking myself hence the fatigue). I thank you all for your calls, well wishes & concern. For now I just want to take some time out nitulie na familia.” He wrote.

Prezzo also congratulated the Bahatis for their new show. And thanked DP Rigathi Gachagua for supporting the creative industry. The DP had mentioned he listens to Prezzo’s music and, in jest, claimed he used to be a good content creator but is too busy for it now.

“Congrats to Bahati Empire for the good job. Last but not least a big thank you to his Excellency Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua for the Accolades & for supporting an industry that we created with blood, sweat & tears. The future is bright for the industry as a whole. Blessed weekend & kama kawa….Nawapenda Wo!”

Bahati Celebrates Historic Achievement

In the midst of the dramatic events, Bahati took a moment to express his pride in the launch of ‘The Bahati’s Empire.

DP Rigathi Gachagua with Diana Marua and Kevin Bahati during the ‘The Bahati’s Empire’ launch in Nairobi

In an emotional post, Bahati thanked everyone who supported him, including his celebrity friends, the media, family, politicians, and industry colleagues. He shared his overwhelming joy and gratitude for the recognition his work has received.

Bahati also paid a heartfelt tribute to his wife, Diana Marua, who serves as the executive producer of the show. He praised her hard work, dedication, and support, acknowledging her as a key figure in their journey.

Source: Bahati | Instagram

DJ Kalonje Criticizes Bahati for Snub

However, popular DJ Kalonje expressed his displeasure with Bahati’s exclusion of DJs from ‘The Bahati’s Empire’ launch guest list.

DJ Kalonje

He felt the exclusion was unfair, considering that the DJs are the ones who promote Bahati’s songs.

“Bahati, congratulations on your new show. I couldn’t help but notice that everyone was there except the DJs. We (the DJs) are the ones who get sent the songs to play and promote, but we’re excluded from the red carpet.” DJ Kalonje wrote on his InstaStory.

Even DJ Katta Kenya, who grew up in the same neighborhood and went to the same school as you, wasn’t there. Lol. Anyway, congrats, Kioko.”

By Vivian K.

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