Baba Mboga on the whole Mkamburi incident.

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Ladies and gentlemen and all fairy tale things.

Tujifichiange aibu… sawsawa?

You see, tea brewing is an art.

I mean anyone with half a brain could open up a smartphone camera and report on an incident for views on the gram.

That isn’t a problem.

However, this lousy attempt at playing Miss Cleo might just have been one of the biggest blows 2020 has to land on Ms Chicago yet.

I mean…

Some of us stick to the usual.

A sensible pinch of tea at the right time,

Backed with valid evidence… Might have worked inthis case,

So you see kids.

Don’t go pulling out Miss Cleo stunts


Utapatana na watoka Tanga na utajua haujui.

So today’s situation in question is about none other than Vanessa Mdee and our Nigerian Prince from the +234




But really,

You haven’t lived life enough if you’ve never been in a whatsapp group with a guy with a ninja called “Prosperity” from +234

But back to the story.

I mean a story is all about the tangents, the little side deviations otherwise tungekuwa tunaandika memo tukipata udaku ey?

But let’s get back to the story.

Mkamburi on Vanessa and Rotimi.

So… for those who don’t know Mkamburi,

She’s a fellow Tea picker in this vast industry. She hosts a gossip column pale Ig called “The Report Card

So went ahead and posted this on her gram juzi…and boy oh boy….

Shit went south REAL QUICK!

You see… there was nothing wrong with what she said.

She just didn’t get her facts straight and Bongoman

Bongo men?

Idk man… I’m just trying to push newpaper references here.

But fact be told galdem got the heat…

And I wouldn’t really even blame her.

I mean, I get my facts wrong ALL the time…

I just don’t do it on camera.

But anyhu Mkamburi.

HIt me up sometime.

My anonymity is doing me well and I think it would do WONDERS for you.

Si juu sina valid conclusion si I can drop one of my weird sciency videos ey?

My name’s Baba Mboga btw.

Here’s my Instagram.

You have yourself a splendid Monday.


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