Parents of school-going children have threatened to go to court if schools are not reopened immediately.

Parents have argued that it is wrong to open social places and not reopen schools

Through their lawyer Harisson Kinyanjui, parents wrote to Education CS George Magoha, Health Ministry and Attorney General Paul Kihara.

CS Magoha had previously indicated that schools shall be reopened in January 2021. And that will only happen if the schools follow the necessary set of precautions by the Ministry of Health. The CS had also outlined additional factors in regard to schools reopening. Read the whole story here.

Some parents had shown no desire to see their children back to school amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

But as it appears now parents want so badly the schools to be reopened. They are complaining that the reopening has been delayed.

According to the letter addressed to the Education CS, Health Ministry and Attorney General, the parents are demanding that schools be reopened instantly otherwise they will proceed to court.

Lawyer Harisson Kinyajuu

Parents letter

In the letter, the parent’s lawyer Harisson argues that the decision to reopen social places and not reopen schools is contradictory.

You can not rationally claim closure of schools on the ostensible risk of our children being exposed to coronavirus in schools. As though there are special indication points that pose a higher risk of greater danger than these social points stated.

read the letter

Parents, in the demand letter gave CS Magoha until August 18, 2020 to open schools by September 1, 2020.

Education CS Magoha

They went ahead and accused him of discriminating against children on the basis of their age, yet adults were conducting business as usual. 

It is not lost to these parents that simultaneous with your declaration of the closure of schools, other adult persons in Kenya continue to enjoy the daily realization of their dreams, work schedules, business expansion, and aspirations over the same period. You have unlawfully discriminated against the voiceless school-enrolled, school-going children solely on account of their age.

Read a part of the letter

Parents also complained about the earlier announcement that students will have to repeat their current class.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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