“Yeah sure he supports Aoko.

He’s a man.”

You see that?

That thing you’re doing right there?

That’s you speaking your mind out.

But with everyone doing that these days.

Who will listen?

We can all agree that getting loud and sounding like a dick doesn’t really help as much.

It’s also easy to get lost in all the noise.

You ever ask yourself why we remember Nelson Mandela for all the good stuff and Miguna as well…. Miguna?

I mean Nelson Mandela advocated for chopping off the noses of collaborators and “Necklacing” aka kuwekwa tire.

He even pleaded guilty in court for a car bomb incident for a bomb that killed 19 people in 1983

We never remember reading about any of that.

The point is we always hear what we want to hear from who we want to hear it from.


  1. I write this on my own accord. This is SORELY my opinion. Don’t drag my employer into this.
  2. Any analogy I might use is just that. AN ANALOGY. Don’t twist my words.
  3. Just number 1 and 2 but in bold.
  4. Number 3 italicized

So here’s the video:

Sooo this blog is pretty much my take on the whole debate with emphasis on Aoko’s statements.

I mean I AM a man and my audience is mainly women so yeah… let’s do this.

Timestamp 2:15: “The Bible is quoted by Charlatans”- Aoko

I mean I get it.

The good book says whatever it says:

I get that Shatta is standing by his religion on National TV… Noble of him to do so.

But think about it.

The world has what? 4300+ religions?

One size doesn’t fit all here.

In the same way you wouldn’t use the Kenyan constitution to convict someone in a German courtroom.

You wouldn’t quote religious text in this context.

Unless it’s a religious show… this shouldn’t be allowed to sail at all on National TV in the first place.

Aoko was also kinda dumb for calling out Shatta here too.

You see this is what it looks like to me in a simplified version of course.

Shatta says 2+2 and Aoko says 3+1.

Now imagine if person C and D joined the conversation talking about 22-18 or 20-16.

The point is that religion (or lack of) gives purpose to everyone that experiences it in their own unique way.

Let’s not try to take it away from each other.

So si we agreed this one is out the window?

“For a woman to chase you, she must be desparate.”- Aoko. (4:30)

I think we ought to blame gender roles for this.

But we can’t just be mad and expect other people to change their views on it so we can be content/happy now can we?

From what I know, in order to tackle a problem, we need to take it down from the root.


Where did gender roles come from?

You see, in the past, before civilization was a thing?

Men were much stronger, faster and were more likely to hunt prey and defend the family unit from intruders which at the time was really necessary for continuity of the species.

Women on the other hand had kids for biological reasons well known to us all and well… a shit ton of oxytocin did what it does best and maternal instinct became a thing.

Thus a symbiotic relationship was born.

Men became the protectors that offered security etc and women became the nurturers.

So the kids grew up, saw all this, repeated the cycle and it has been engrained in our culture, religion etc etc ever since.

It also helps to note these beliefs were shared amongst other communities and some differed from the rest eg The Dahomey tribe that had all women warriors.

But now it’s 2020…

The world has changed.

Hunting or whatever people did for sustinence at that time is almost non-existent

And until recently we no longer require strength or speed to survive and get by.

We need money,

And how do we get alot of money the right way?

Brain power.

The rules we relied on to co-exist have been torn down by women who want to break from the norm.

And really,it’s not a bad thing.

And trust me,

If as a girl you believe in shooting your shot.

Then you do you.

You’re sick and tired of waiting for him to make a move.

What if he was the right dude for you?

What if your personalities just meshed up and he would later on be your best friend or your companion or both?

You really wanna throw it all away because of some stupid stereotype that made you believe that your only contribution to society is child bearing and nurturing?

Fuck that.

You live your life.

Do you because at the end of the day all that’s between you and regret on your deathbed is what you chose to do today.

So hit him up,

Google some cheesy joke off some site and send it to his Tinder.

If it was meant to happen then it will.

In the case it doesn’t then we all know how probability works.

More attempts= more chances= higher success probability.

Also, shy guys like us also get to experience happy endings and whatnot.

And who wouldn’t want that?

In conclusion to the whole Aoko fiasco…

Women and men can’t be equal.

Because what is equality?

Is it equal pay?

Equal opportunity?

Societal expectations?

There are also thousands if not millions of little factors that contribute to what is termed as “equal” in society in 2020

And then there’s everyone with THEIR opinion on what equality should be like.

which takes us back to our 2+2 narrative.

You know what I think the solution is?

You wanna change something in the world, it has to start with you.

Hit on that dude (or not)

Get that money,

Break those stereotypes and empower other women.

And they repeat the process.

Sure, it’s gonna be difficult to change a narrative that’s been around for centuries.

But hey…

I’m figuring this shit out too.

Go easy on me and check out my Instagram.

Also, here’s another random gossip piece I did.

Here’s 18-14 for you.

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