By Baba Mboga

All’s well that ends well,

At least that’s the case with the late Tecra Muigai’s boyfriend

The Director of Public Prosecutions dropped the murder case earlier against him earlier today.

This was declared by the High Court in Garsen after which an open inquest was requested

“If found responsible in the inquest, the accused will be arrested once again and be charged as shall be advised,” -Justice Roselyn Korir

Mr Lali has been currently discharged and is at liberty

Omar Lali and the late Tecra Muigai
Omar Lali and the late Tecra Muigai

Omar Lali charged

Tecra Muigai’s early demise came earlier this year.

On May 2nd she fell at the bathroom of a private house in Shella, where she was staying with Omar at the time.

She was airlifted by a helicopter chartered by her family. Nairobi Hospital where she later succumbed to injuries while undergoing treatment.

Tecra’s family suspected foul play as they suspected the two had an arguement before Tecra fell to her death.

Detectives probing the matter reportedly picked inconsistencies with the Omar Lali account of how the Keroche Breweries director of strategy and innovation met her death

Here’s the story

The trial has brought alot of public attention as Tecra Muigai was a heir to the Keroche empire.

A couple of Kenyans have taken to twitter to voice their opinion over the whole incident

Most Kenyans supported Omar Lali mostly owing to the fact that he was not from a well off background with many of them citing that he had simply been used as a scapegoat.

Well, I live in a country where people get shot at point blank range in full view of cameras and nothing happens,

A country where your ticket out of prison is simply determined by the number of figures on your bank account.

Surely it’s simple to have an innocent man you didn’t like suffer in prison.

Probably based on the fact that he dared to close the gap between social classes.

It’s about time we all spoke out on it,

Because it’s not a matter of “if”

It’s just “who”

Woe if “who” just happens to be you.

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