The Deputy President William Ruto yesterday meet up with various artists and creatives from Kenya. But turns out some artists did not get the memo. Rappers Octopizzo and King Kaka are clearly upset.

The complaints

So various singers and creatives have been expressing themselves on their social media platforms about how hard times are.

Khaligraph Jones had a week ago written to the deputy president begging him to do something about the current lockdown. In his caption, Khaligraph went ahead to promise Ruto that he would campaign for him for free next year if the country gets unlocked.

Controversial singer Willy Paul was also not left behind in airing out his views about the same.

He penned a long message on his Instagram page which was directed to the President.

Various other artists and creatives supported that the country should be unlocked.

Opportunists artists?

So it’s not any wonder that the Vice President was seen hanging out with them. He too took to Twitter to affirm that he had discussed various issues with the artists.

Not cool!

Well apparently some artists and creatives missed the memo. And they have taken turns to express how they feel.

Comedian Butita took to Twitter to say this Leo Creatives walienda kuona Deputy President 99% were musicians Wueeh.

Singers Octopizzo and King Kaka also teamed to talk about the same on Twitter.

Octopizzo felt that the artists and musicians were using this opportunity for other personal gains.

King Kaka is also well known for some of his music that directly attacks the governance of this nation. So could be why he was not in the meeting.

Rapper Notiflow has also expressed how angry she is at artists who linked up with the Deputy President.

This artists should stop being sellouts! She wrote in her Instagram stories.

Other creatives who were in the meeting include Nadia Mukami, Dj Pierra, Willy Paul, Jalango, Dj Shiti, Nonini and others.

What are your thoughts about this issue?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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