Jacque Nyaminde popularly known as Wilbroda has for the first disclosed that she battled postpartum depression.

During the celebration of Mother’s Day, everyone took up the opportunity to celebrate their mothers. And mothers celebrated themselves and fellow moms.

So for some, Mother’s Day triggers emotions from the past. Could be the loss of a mother or a child.

And it’s for that reason Nyaminde shared a very personal story.

Nyaminde opened up on battling postpartum depression after her first pregnancy.

On the 16th of July 2010, I became a mother to a beautiful baby boy. It was birth through C-section. And my friends were there with me from the moment I got into theatre up until when the surgery was done.

Four days later I was home excited about this new chapter of my life.

But then almost immediately I started having feelings I did not understand. I was extremely sad.

There was this hollowness that would show up. I would experience such anxiety and start crying. I didn’t understand it. Because I had never heard of it.

She wrote

The actress went ahead to explain how much she hated that feeling. Since she couldn’t understand how she was sad yet she had just been blessed with a baby. She however expressed that the feeling eventually slipped away. And she only got to learn later that she was having postpartum depression.

I told nobody about it. It just slowly slipped away. Only later did I get to know that what I went through was called Postpartum depression.

She would be 8years old- Nyaminde

Nyaminde further revealed that she went through a pregnancy loss.

In the same caption, she added that she got pregnant again in 2013. And she was elated. She indeed hoped that the baby would be a girl and even called her Atis.

But then after three months, I noticed abnormal spotting, and my heart just sunk. The doctor confirmed it and I went in for an evacuation two days later. That was a sad period for me.

She also added that sometimes she imagines the baby would be eight years old now. Nyaminde concluded by wishing mothers well especially those who have struggled in a way or the other.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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