Rapper Florence Kutoto popularly known as Notiflow has shared a glimpse of her childhood life. And shared details of her birth date.

On Thursday, 20th May, Notiflow announced that it was her birthday.

And as is custom, fellow celebrities and her fans took to wish her a happy birthday.

But what many didn’t know was that it was not her actual birthday.

On Friday 21st the rapper took to Instagram to share details of her actual birthday.

A lil story of my life ⤵️

So when I was a kid my parents separated. My big sis & I went with my dad & my lil bro & sis went with my mom. For a long time I didn’t see my mom till I forgot her face (story for another day). When my parents separated my dad moved with my big sis & I to Nyahururu. He was working at Egerton University Nyahururu at the time.

She wrote in part

Noti went ahead to explain that she needed to transfer schools. And thus needed a birth certificate which her dad gladly applied for. Because he was not in touch with their mother.

 So he put my birthday as 20th May 199¿

For a long time I knew that was my birthday till later when our family reunited. And  my mom told me my birthday is 20th March.

Noti jokingly added that she chose to believe her mom. Because she is the one who bore her.

However, she went on celebrating her birthday every 20th May, though shingo upande. Because all her friends knew that it was in May.

So this year she decided not to celebrate and rather tell everyone what’s up. And so they get to know her real birthday. See Instagram post.

My real birthday is 20th March y’all. Thanks to everyone that wished me well yesterday though.

She concluded

This revelation comes at a time when Noti disclosed that she is currently seeing a girl months after she announced breaking up with her boyfriend. See article.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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