Rapper Notiflow has opened up on being in a physically abusive relationship.

So late last year the rapper broke up with her then-boyfriend. She accused him of cheating severally. See article.

Notiflow has recently raised eyebrows after publicizing her new relationship with a lady.

Some netizens, however, have made it their duty to condemn the rapper for dating a fellow woman. But Noti seems not to give a hoot about it.

Her little-known girlfriend has gone to the extent of getting a tattoo of Noti’s name on her hand as a show of love.

In response to the negative comments she has been getting, Noti has opened up on being in an abusive relationships before with a man. Sharing pictures of her bandaged back and arm, she has disclosed that a man did that to her.

You should date men’ blaah blaah
This ‘ wat a man did to me! πŸ™„ After giving him all my love, my trust, taking care of his bills & shit..

She wrote in part

Noti has declared that all men do to her is hurt her, disappoint her, break her, cheat on her, and detooth her. And in her previous relationship, she says she was almost killed.

She goes ahead to say that she has given it thought and realized she was not meant to be with a man. Because despite given her all, she gets nothing in return.

I’ve always believed in love, & I believe if you love someone you’d do anything for them, you’ll put them as a priority, you’ll check up on them often to see if they’re OK, you’ll never want to hurt them, emotionally let alone physically, you’ll never be afraid to show the world you love them & you wouldn’t see the need of cheating on them because you’re satisfied & happy with them. But over the years I’ve learnt that’s just something men can’t do. They don’t know how to love truly. They think sex is everything & they’re possessive. They want to have multiple partners but you as a woman it’s an abomination to cheat!

She however said that she has healed both physically and emotionally. And it is a her girlfriend who has helped her through it all.

Noti and her girlfriend

It’s so hard to get justice- Notiflow

The rapper in a series of posts seen on her Instagram also admitted that she got her assaulter arrested. But it was not easy.

She narrated how the policemen frustrated her by denying her a p3 and asking for money left, right, and center.

Some even denied helping her because they said she would still go back to the assaulter. And she can not imagine how much other women and girls are frustrated.

Notiflow concluded by urging the government, and women rights activists to do something about it.

It’s so hard to get justice especially if you’re not cashing out

I can only imagine how many girls / women go through such domestic violence & have failed to get justice due to either lack of money or giving up πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ I’m calling upon the government, human rights & women rights activists to really do something about this! You need to protect your girls & women πŸ’―

She said

What are your thoughts on the same?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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