Former rapper Natalie Florence alias Notiflow has dumped her girlfriend for a second time. This was after she learned that her girlfriend was an escort and even caught her red-handed visiting an old man.

Rumors had been rife about two months ago that Notiflow’s girlfriend identified as Alami, was an escort girl. Alami however rubbished the rumors claiming that someone must have been using her pictures to catfish.

Recently, in a thread seen on BNN premium, a fan reached out to Edgar Obare with screenshots of Alami’s pictures as seen on the escort site.

When Edgar reached out to her for a response on the same, she was more than ready to share.

Alami admits being ans escort

Alami admitted that she was a masseuse adding that she does both in-house calls and outcalls which she termed as dangerous. But I go with security. She added.

The young lass disclosed that she makes good money from the business. I meet everyone basically, Kenyan, Ugandans, Arabs, Americans, etc. She said.

She went further to disclose that she charges 20k Kenyan money per hour for massage. And makes about half a million in a month. She however categorically started that she hates sex with men. But she loves money.

You are probably wondering how she pulls through yet she has a girlfriend. Edgar inquired whether Notiflow was aware of her dubious business, to which she said no.

I’m not sure if she will take it in a good way, that’s why I have not told her yet. I was set to tell her in like three months. She said adding that he work does not affect her sex life.

Noti and Alami

Notiflow’s reaction

By now we are all aware of how celebs announce significant things in their lives through the usual ask me a question antic.

Noti took to her insta stories to beg her fans to ask her questions which she answered very honestly.

One fan asked whether it was true her gf was an escort to which she replied apparently.

Another demanded to know if she would take the care which she recently bought her as a birthday gift. Noti claimed that taking back gifts is very petty and she would not do that.

One more fan asked why the Instagram couple broke up. And Noti went on to share a detailed description of the incident. She said that there were ongoing rumors that her gf was an escort. But when she confronted her, she denied it.

So last night Alami said that she was attending a cousin’s birthday. And Noti followed her secretly. Shock on her when Alami drove to Runda instead of Westy as she had claimed.

Noti has announced that she is very single at the moment. And Alami shared a picture and captioned it Nimeachwa.

What are your thoughts on their breakup? What would you do if your girlfriend was an escort girl.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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