Former musician Nonini has come to the rescue of his fellow artist Juliani who has been labeled as broke by netizens.

For the last two months, controversial rapper Juliani has been trending for all the wrong reasons. Well, could also be the right reasons.

So Juliani resurfaced on the internet after rumors were rife that he was dating Governor Mutua’s ex-wife Lilian Ng’ang’a.

After so much speculation the two finally admitted that they were together. See article.

Since then, both of them have separately been harassed and trolled by netizens.

So many people have thought that Juliani is broke and it’s such a shame for Lilian to leave a whole governor for a sufferer. But love is something else, isn’t it?

The two of them, however, have not addressed the hate speeches leaving their fans to do it for themselves.

And it’s for that reason Nonini shares his thoughts on the same. In a long caption seen on his Instagram page, the artist said that it’s funny how people on the internet genuinely think that Juliani is broke.

He went ahead to argue that Juliani used to make up to 20 million annually from his music. And that he remained the most sought-after artist and is easily one of the most commercially successful artists of our generation.

Obviously musicians we are self employed and hustle hard for our paper not the constant Governor monthly money of course and perks but seriously, over the past decade or so, the dude has remained the most sought-after and is easily one of the most commercially successful artists of our generation

So Nonini went ahead to argue that guys think Juliani is broke because he has always kept in touch with his roots- Dandora.


This is the same guy who used to make up to KES 20 million annually from his music check my interview with him on #RNNAnd people on the net are calling him BROKE because he’s always kept in touch with his roots? He wrote, adding that Juliani is funding a project in Dandora. This guy has a project that he fully funded in D! No wonder y’all get conned by men/women in suits. This stereotypical mentality must stop.

According to him, this is such a stereotypical mentality that should stop. Seeing that Juliani is being seen as a downgrade because he jas dreadlocks and wears jeans and T-shirts whilst Mutua was a suit person. Asif er do not know that people in suits work for people in jeans. He concluded.

What do you think could be Juliani’s financial status?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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