Popular controversial blogger Arthur Mandela is beside himself with shame after Njugush opened up on how he once criticized him.

Arthur popularly known as Xtiandela is currently the talk of the town. Because he recently announced that he is eyeing the Westlands parliamentary seat.

His announcement has been met by so much criticism as netizens question his political wisdom.

That aside, Xtiandela in a tweet from seven years ago, trash-talked popular show The Real House helps of Kawangware.

Timothy Kimani alias Njugush has been an actor for the better part of his life. He rose to fame when he used to act in the local show The Real House help of Kawangware.

Xtian in his tweet said that the show was really pathetic. And had no hopes of reaching to heights of people such as Lupita Nyong’o.

Three months down the line, the celebrated actress Lupita, tweeted that she was enjoying the show.

That tweet meant everything to Njugush, he said. Seeing that acting was his stronghold, receiving affirmation from Lupita gave him the confidence he needed.

The funnyman speaking at CTA, cleaning the airwaves, added that it was after that tweet did he change his name from ‘funny Njugush to Blessed Njugush’. He in fact framed that particular tweet to remind him of how far he came from.

Speaking with notable contempt about Xtiandela, though intentionally leaving out his name, Njugush said that a year down the line they bumped into each other.

And Xtian congratulated Njugush for what he was doing. A year later I met him at an event where he said he loved my work.

Clearly, the actor was perturbed by the audacity Mandela had as he said that with a disgusted expression.

The father of one added that had he allowed that criticism to put him down he would have not been anywhere near where he currently is.

Watch video below.

What are your thoughts on the same?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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