Well looks like the story is just unfolding. Because Dr. Ofweneke’s ex-wife Nicah the queen has spoken up in reaction to Diana‘s allegations of sexual assault.

So Veronicah began by introducing herself as a mother of two girls. And stating that throughout her life she has been surrounded by girls.

In a video seen on her Instagram page, Nicah has narrated how years back she and her ex-husband Ofweneke bumped into Willy Paul while they used to live in Syokimau.

The gospel singer said that she would never advocate for rape. Adding that she was really disturbed by Diana’s allegations against Willy Paul.

I think five or six years back, I can’t remember the exact date. We used to live at Greatwall apartments phase 2. Back then we had a movie shop that was in phase 1. So one evening we were with Ofweneke taking a stroll when we saw Willy Paul driving his Mark X. He pulled over and came out. And he was blasting his songs. She said in part.

She was jamming

The curvaceous beauty explains that Willy asked them to listen to his new song which he had just released. Willy got out of the car and was talking to them outside.

But what caught my attention was that Willy was not alone. He was in the company of a lady who was jamming to the song while seated at the co-drivers seat. She went on

The mother of two states that when she listened to Diana explaining what happened she was surprised. Because the movie shop was in a different phase from where Nicah met them. And she did not in any way seem to be in danger.

If she was really been harassed she would have used that opportunity when Wily was speaking to Nicah) to get out of the car. But she maintained that she do not know what transpired between the couple past that point.

Nicah added that we all have a past and we should put it out there as it is. Because by the look of things the lady was not held against her wishes. So she may be trying to defame Pozze.

Diana, I love you, your projects, and your family. Maybe you are trying to protect your image. I don’t know if you were almost raped. I’m only talking from the point where you said Willy picked you and sped off.

Nicah has called out among Kenyans to always look at things from a neutral level. And handle these things with care. Watch video below.

Well let us wait and hear more on this.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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