Mlango Kubwa MCA Patricia Mutheu has been admitted to Nairobi Hospital following yesterday’s incident.

She was assaulted by police officers at city hall yesterday with footage of the incident going viral on social media.

Following yesterday’s incident she was prompted to draft a letter through Ombeta advocates.

The letter stated that she was attacked “very violently” while unarmed and without causing any provocation to the officers that assaulted her.

She also demanded the sacking of the officers in question.

“They must be removed from the police service immediately and arrested and charged for the assault that has caused grievous harm to our client without any provocation at all,”

She was outside the premises and shows her scars in the video below:

Kenyans have taken to twitter to speak against police brutality, which has recently been on the increase with protests on the rise alike:

Why was the MCA assaulted?

All this began when a section of Nairobi MCAs tried to storm Beatrice Elachi’s office to serve her an impeachment notice having collected 62 signatures, 20 more than the required 42 needed to eject her out of office.

Elachi has been under pressure for the longest time by the MCAs to quit office.

The main reasons for this have been cited as abuse of office and militarization of the assembly among other allegations.

The DPP had earlier instructed the IPOA and the DCI to probe the matter and hand over a report to his office for further action.

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