Hopefully, this feud is not one of those stunts that celebrities pull when they are about to release a song or make a major announcement. But songstress Nadia Mukami has called out radio presenter Jalang’oo for being a Johny big mouth.

Rumors have been rife that Nadia Mukami and her longtime lover and fellow singer Arrow Bwoy are expectant. And Jalang’oo took it upon himself to officially announce on Kiss Radio that Nadia is indeed pregnant.

She should stop hiding the baby bump with big sweaters, let her show us the pregnancy. Nadia pia sasa itabidii awache kuvaa masweta, wacha tu mimba itokee, mimba bi kama kikohozi huwezi ficha. Nadia and Arrow Bwoy congratulations.

He announced.

Undoubtedly irked by the move, Arrow Bwoy posted a cryptic message on his Instagram stories. 2022 wanaume tupunguze mushene bana. Biashara haikuhusu achana nayo kabisa. Shughulika na maisha yako. He wrote accompanying the post with the infamous Sipangwingwi national anthem.

I will not apologize!

So speaking at Kiss FM today Jalang’oo adamantly refused to apologize for letting the cat out of the bag. The aspiring politician declared that he is not sorry and he will say it again.

To Nadia and Arrow Boy..if you think I was out of line then I will say it again…sorry I am not sorry,” he said.

Watch video:

Nadia responds

So in response to Jalang’oo’s behavior, Nadia has posted a long video on her Instagram addressing him.

The radio love hitmaker has revealed that Jalas invited her and her boo to his home. But she was sick and didn’t want to go. However, after much nagging from Arrow Bwoy, she decided to go despite her instincts telling her not to.

Nadia has gone ahead to say that whatever Jalas did was outright wrong and disrespectful. Because if she wanted to, she would have taken pictures with his kids, which she didn’t know existed, and post them all over. But she chose not to as she respects him.

The singer is however astonished by Jalang’oo’s audacity to let the cat out of the bag. And go ahead bragging about how he is not sorry.

Nadia has also promised to give Jalang’oo a piece of her mind once she meets him in person.

Watch video below

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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