Yup, it’s still Teabag.


A breath of fresh air.

I know normally I don’t do this but hey…

People grow…

Times change.

I’m not really in the “enthusiastic swagger of a gossip reporter.” mood right now.

In all honesty I tried writing a post the other day and it just didn’t feel… authentic.

I don’t know if you like it but I didn’t.

That’s just not me…

At least not anymore.

For those who might not be aware I got some time off BNN in December after super burnout as a writer (along other issues I really don’t wish to share).

Don’t get me wrong… I love writing..

But something just wasn’t right.

Normally you just ignore this and push ahead because at the end of the day.

Quotas need to be met and food has to be on the table.

Long story short.

That period really put me in a really tight spot.

Emotions were all over and mans was under stress not gonna lie

And I had to think of what I really wanted to write about.

See last year,

It was all about the drama,

The receipts,

But life just has a funny way of changing people,

You know?

If you’d tell me last year that I’d consider writing articles on self-help rather than what Vera Sidika did this time…

I’d look you straight in the face and tell you how full of shite you were.

“That’s some Burale shit… ebu niache nanii,”

But life is kinda like Call Of Duty Mobile lol.

Stay within the safe zone before you bleed out.

Sometimes the zone moves (And that’s Ok)

You just have to get there through thick and thin.

What’s the whole point of this post?

“If the game is super hard… stop trying to look badass and switch back to easy mode…. you won’t die.”

-Baba Mboga, 2021.

So… I was actually privileged to work on BNN.

You know… typical DMs and stuff.

“Welcome to mental health cardio 101.”

Damn well near lost my sanity on that one…

Point aside,

I realized a whole lot of people are broken (either from their past and all simply based on the unprovoked hostility I sometimes received… Don’t get me wrong there are some awesome people on there…)

And initially I thought I had to do things the ol’ Edgar Obare way because change doesn’t sit well with people sometimes… and that’s still Ok.

Also… filling in shoes that big isn’t exactly a cup of tea.

(pun intended… lel)

But at the end of the day I ask,

Isn’t it better to confront a problem instead of reliving it every single day on your phone?

To me it’s about the “how to…” and not the “what happened.”

I just never believed looking for solidarity in problems really solved those problems at all.

Well… sure… It’s a bit therapeutic but at the end of the day all you have is the feeling that you aren’t alone…

And that doesn’t really help in my opinion but hey…

To each their own.

Long story short… gender politics is a slippery slope.


But hey… we’re still alive right?

Maybe a thick skin isn’t for everybody.

Maybe I was just preaching the wrong gospel.

Maybe I was just preaching to the wrong congregation.

But what I DO know now is that I’m still finding myself as a person.

And I hope you are too…

Let’s look for rafts in this ocean of crazy we call life.

Shut out all the distractions,

The noise.

And look deep within ourselves because at the end of the day…

That’s all that really matters.




Hope to see you on the other side.

And if this blows up in any way.

Guess we’re back to our cringey old site ey Gingie?

Now scurry on….

I have two more self-help articles to write today.


Love Teabag.

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2 years ago

Hey Teabag, I have been checking your status for the last few days and couldn’t find anything detailed😢 I hope you are doing all fine. We miss all the entertainment you give every day. Please don’t tell me you are leaving already 😔😔😔

Kanyi Mumbi
Kanyi Mumbi
2 years ago

I hope to hear from you soon, I feel as if you write my thoughts only that I’m unable to put Them into words. Thanks for being the voice of us few who can’t write, don’t go away. Really hoping to hear from you soon xx

2 years ago

Noice mayne… you’re doing good 👁️👃🏾👁️

Lisbeth Mutembei
Lisbeth Mutembei
2 years ago

I spent the last few days checking your status and finding nothing,hey Teabag…I hope you aren’t quiting because…and btw, you’re a great writer…I envy that

2 years ago

Sometimes people don’t sit well with change

Mamake Amira
Mamake Amira
2 years ago

Are you quitting ? Sounds like a eulogy to me

2 years ago

Apart from this, do you right articles? coz I would definitely read them.

2 years ago

I like the way you put down your thoughts, it’s so limitless!

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