Politician Mohamed Alinur has been arrested.

Mohamed was ambushed by police officers while donating food at Kamukunji grounds to the residents who have been affected severely by coronavirus.

The aspiring Member of Parliament was accompanied by gospel singers Bahati, J fam and Weezdom.

So the two had met a few days ago and agreed to work together. Alinur wrote on his Instagram; Met with @bahatikenya. We exchanged thoughts on how Covid-19 has bankrupted the artistic ecosystem and left many who rely on their craft unable to meet their basic needs. I assured him of my support for Kenyan artists. We concluded that more needs to be done to save the situation.

Food distribution and Covid-19 sensitization to over 500 families hardly hit by the coronavirus pandemic in Kamukunji Constituency. I promise to continue supporting more families. With my good friend @bahatikenya

While delivering a speech to the residents, policemen in blue uniform appeared and arrested him.

Alinur in his Instagram post writes that it is not yet clear why the police arrested him. And as a result, he had no idea where they were taking him.

However, a police officer is heard complaining that the number of people at the Kamukunji grounds was more than a hundred. The the number exceeds the covid 19 rule of not more than a hundred people in a social gathering.

There was little commotion during the arrest. And Bahati who was beside him disappeared mysteriously.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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