Musician Willy Paul is currently trending for all the wrong reasons.

Early this year Willy introduced a new signee to his record label, Saldido. A very gorgeous girl who identified herself as Miss Picassa.

Willy Paul did their first song Liar with her which was a hit. And even had people doing challenges on the popular app TikTok.

The young lass in an interview with Presenter Ali, has accused Willy Paul of sexually assaulting her.

According to her, Pozze forced her to have sex with him a couple of times. And they used no protection.

Miss P goes ahead to disclose that she reported to her mother because she needed medical attention. And that later on Willy visited the mother but she has no idea what they talked about.

So since the meeting with her mother, Willy did not touch her again for the next four months. And she began falling in love for him- could be why they did the next song fall in love?

According to Miss P, Pozze is a narcissistic sociopath. You probably need to google what that means. But she describes Willy as overprotective and would not allow her to associate with other men.

The two however did another song together Mashallah.

The young lass went ahead to say that the five-year contract with Saldido was very sketchy. Because some things they did were not even in the contract which led to her mother demanding to know from Pozze what’s up. And they even involved lawyers.

So after the confrontation, she decided to opt out of the label.

Picassa says she really thought hard before coming out for fear of what people will say. And admits that she was scared of speaking out during the week when she was sexually harassed. Because she thought no one would care, and that she did not want public attention.

The songbird also opened up on suffering severe episodes of anxiety attacks during the period she was in the label.

Watch whole interview below:

What do you think about the allegations?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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