Former rapper Cashy Karimi has sworn never to give her ex-lover who doubles as her baby daddy, Khaligraph Jones, her son.

Cashy and Khaligraph have constantly been engaging in online feuds with Cashy claiming that he does not support his child. In Sept 2020, Cashy had called out Khali through her Instagram page asking him to pay up for health insurance.

She claimed that her son had been sick for about three weeks. And she needed the father to foot bills since it was the least he could do, considering she had been doing everything since they broke up.

Slightly over a year later in 2021 October, Cashy once again called out the deadbeat father of her child for negligence. On Mashujaa day when the president announced the end of the curfew season, Cashy celebrated. Because according to her, Khaligraph would finally get gigs and therefore get money to support their child.

I am actually happy  the curfew has been lifted because artists can go back to earning from night gigs!  In fact help me pray for an overflow of events so that your fave rapper will have zero reasons to claim he can’t afford child maintenance its been so hard bana

She wrote

Cashy has time and again disclosed that Khaligraph does not pick up her calls. And neither does he respond to her lawyers.

Cashy and Khaligraph

I can’t give up my son!

While speaking to Milele FM’s Ankali, Cashy noted that she would never allow anyone to separate her son from her. Because she has been taking care of him as a single parent. She also said that there is no mother in their right sense of mind who would give up their child just like that.

“The child is almost four now and I have been taking care of him all along. I don’t think there is any mother who can give away their kids just like that. And if it is in the constitution then so be it since the law must also consider the right of the child,” Cashy said

According to Cashy, Khaligraph wanted full custody of the child after he recently conducted a DNA test.

Ankali had previously reached out to Khaligraph seeking comment on the issue. But he arrogant rapper hang up and refused to comment.

Watch the video below:

Ladies, would you give up your child to your their deadbeat father?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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