So the hashtag men’s conference 2021 is the top trending on Twitter.

I’m never sure whether the men’s conference is really a thing or it is imaginary. A video seen on ktn explains that there will be an annual men’s conference this weekend. And I guess Its main goal is to counter the Valentine weekend.

Turns out that men will be in Zambia, the headquarters, or Nairobi for prayers and worship.

Here are a few tweets seen on twitter in regards to the men’s conference.

No man is to be left behind!

Does that mean Valentine’s Day overrated? Because why would men form an imaginary men’s conference just to avoid celebrating love with their loved ones. Or do men face unnecessary pressure on Valentine’s Day?

I assume that in this year’s men’s conference, some of the lessons men will learn include: not sending fare to the opposite sex, learning to say no and mean it, forgetting birthdays and anniversaries, not allowing women to wear promotion t-shirts in the house, and throwing away their wigs after it’s worn twice.

A lot more will be addressed as men from different walks of life will be in attendance.

Men as you prepare for this crucial conference remember ladies still need the flowers!

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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I’ll be attending 😂🔥

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