By Wanjiru Mbaru

Maureen Waititu admits that she is now a single parent.

The influencer had been the talk of the town in recent days regardless of the fact that her situation was out of her hands.

We are familiar with Maureen Waititu, from Alpha Beta, right?

Well, you must be aware of the relationship goals that she and her babies daddy presented on social media.

Maureen and her ex Frankie

They were a rare sight of perfection or so we thought.

However, over a year ago, their relationship came crumbling down with each party walking their separate ways with broken hearts.

Both parties have not yet disclosed what happened. But from a couple of their interviews, you’ll grasp that it was a series of events and misfortunes that had tried unsuccessfully to be rectified.

Maureen on her part has been focusing on self-development and growth while the baby daddy is making more babies.

I’m a single parent..Maureen

Speaking on Kiss 100 online, Maureen Waititu admitted that she is a single parent. The question posed was whether she’s a single parent or are they co-parenting.

I am a single parent. But the father tries to be there for his kids.

This has caused a little confusion as the father admitted on an Instagram live with Corazon Kwamboka (the new baby mama) and Edgar Obare that he actually is a responsible father and tries as much as possible to be part of his kids existence by seeing them weekly.

In the short interview, Maureen also spoke about the debut of her new product strands and curls by Mo. Says she intends to offer people beautiful authentic hair products.

In her opinion about the government taxing influencers, she felt that the government is being selfish. “That is stealing, straight up”.

Maureen went ahead to chatter about the beauty of single parenthood claiming that the two boys give her strength and life. As a result, it has been amazing and pure bliss to bring them up.

Toxic relationships…

In one of her YouTube videos, well, she’s now a solo YouTuber after Alpha Beta collapsed, Maureen had offered advice on toxic relationships. She once again summarized it explaining that you need to discover who you are, don’t rush into the relationship, seek advice from older women, and work on yourself.

Certainly, Maureen is doing a great job of working on herself. Because she also acknowledged to having struggled with depression after the breakup. She, however, adamantly declined to comment on the claims of her ex siring another child with a different woman. “I wish not to comment on the same, ” She stated.

You can find the Corazon/Frankie here.

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3 years ago

Gosh ,I hope corazon is safe

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