A man was recently arrested for defiling a school-going girl.

Students have been resuming schools this week. And a story has been doing rounds on social media of a student who was defiled on her way to school after being offered a lift.

Here’s the story as it appears:

Dear parents, please warn your children on lifts. Because this morning a sad incidence happened where two students from Ngecha were offered a lift by a man.

One student alighted at St. Paul and the other one proceeded with the evil driver. Since she was heading to Manguo Secondary School.

So the evil man drove to the bushes where he did all he desired. And after that he told the girl that he want to kill her. So he took Limuru-Kiambu road.

At Eden tea plantations, the girl saw people picking tea and she started screaming for help. Luckily God have her extra energy where she held the steering wheel and the car headed to the ditch.

The tea pickers from Eden tea and Kiawaroga started screaming. And the evil man fell in the hands of angry people and he was given justice by the mob before police officers arrived.

He is currently in the police station. And in his vehicle there were injections, bones and tools. Gruesome mages of the man are circulating he social media as well.

The girl is under medication and I hope that she heals physically and mentally. So that she can resume school.

The man faces charges

An update of the story circulated yesterday. The rapist was taken to court on May 12th. Other than rape, he was also charged with possession of fake currency.
Since he was not in good condition, he was taken to hospital for treatment.

So his case will be heard on 17th May, 2021.

What are your thoughts on this ordeal?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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This one should have been castrated

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