They say where there is smoke, there is fire. And looks like there’s trouble in paradise. Comedian Mammito has unfollowed her lover fellow comedian Butita on Instagram. And did not wish him a happy birthday as well.

Comedian Eddie Butita was celebrating his 29th birthday on 16th November. As usual, his fans and friends wished him a happy birthday by sharing his pictures on various social media platforms.

We live in a digital era where people publicize and declare their love for each other on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So if a loved one fails to share your picture on your special occasion, that raises eyebrows.

And that has been the case with Mammito. The comedian who has been in a relationship with Butita for the longest time now did not shower him with wishes and praises on his birthday. As was expected of her.

Eddie Butita celebrated his birthday with fellow celebs and friends. Flamboyant businessman who also attended the party gifted the comedian 110k.

The fast-rising YouTuber Mungai Even inquired from the comedian why his lover and the apple of his eye were missing in the party. As well as why she did not post him confessing her undying love for him on his birthday.

The question clearly got him uncomfortable as he mumbled a ludicrous answer.

“I don’t know how she handles her social media. You know that she is a big artiste, she has like 40 people who handle her Instagram, so pengine wamesahau…pengine amesahau.”

Also, a quick check on Mammito’s Instagram page discloses that she has unfollowed her boyfriend. It’s not clear what happened to their relationship.

See video by Mungai Eve.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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