Christian Longomba of the Longombaz duo breathed his last on March 13th 2021.

Christian has been a member of the Longombaz duet which comprised of two brothers, he and Lovy Longombaz.

The deceased has been undergoing treatment for a recurrent brain tumor.

In May 2015, Christian had suffered a seizure. And he was hospitalized. He was later diagnosed with falx and parasagittal meningioma.

As a result, he underwent surgery two weeks after the diagnosis.

So since then, Christian has been battling the tumor.

Entertainer Willy M Tuva in his condolence message mentioned that he flew to Los Angeles to see Christian after the surgery.

His brother Lovy announced the saddening news yesterday on his Facebook and Instagram pages.

Lovy who runs a successful gospel ministry in the UK wrote: To be absent from the body is to be present with The Lord.
I love you Christian, My brother, my friend & partner but Jesus loves you more. Enjoy Heaven.

Kenyans have expressed their condolences to the family mentioning that the vuta pumz hitmaker left a big legacy in the music industry.

You might wanna watch this song again. Because it was such a hit.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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The church is in Los Angeles,USA not UK

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