Celebrated Citizen TV news anchor Lilian Muli has announced on her Instagram page of some malicious stalking.

She claims that a particular woman has been taking videos and photos of her car and sending them to her (Lilian) close friend.

Sounding quite agitated, Lilian Muli asked her instafans whether she should report the woman in question. “Nimsongeshe mbele ama?” She enquired from her fans.

“Isn’t this criminal?” Asked the mother of two. She admitted that she would like to expose the woman because it was the second time that was happening. And she feels extremely offended and seriously disturbed.

Lilian wondered why someone would do that since she was eating at the time the video was taken. “I’m still trying to figure out if it is wrong to eat!”

Barely a week ago, the same experience had occurred obviously troubling Lilian Muli.

There’s no sleep for the wicked-Lilian Muli

In an Instagram post, she made, Muli first announced that someone is taking videos of her car with malicious intent.

“There’s no peace for the wicked!” Cried Lilian. She was passing the message to whoever has been stalking her.

Her Instagram fans took to share their thoughts on the same. Most of them felt that it was completely wrong for anyone to randomly take pictures of your car. While others argued that there was nothing wrong about it since people are allowed to do whatever they want to with their phones.


But taking pictures and videos of other people’s property? Creepy! It is for that reason the newest baby mama in town moved out. Corazon Kwamboka also announced that someone had been taking photos of her and it was making her feel unsafe in her own compound.

What do you guys think? Should Lilian Muli proceed to report the stalker to the authorities, post them on Instagram or just assume the whole thing and move on?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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4 years ago

My opinion she shouldn’t pay attention to both the sender and the receiver of the video. They are both a bunch of loosers who should find something better to do than monitoring someone’s life.

Salz Rehman
Salz Rehman
4 years ago

Yes I strongly suggest that this matter should be reported before it gets out of hand – not to apprehend the person who is taking the video of Ms Muli’s car not once but twice it has happened! And people are still saying one is free to do what he pleases with his/her phone??? Then why when you take pictures of buildings or some of other public places it is considered an offence?! Therefore you never know what the intentions are of this person. So safety measures should be considered and proceed with a police report just in case anything bad should ever happen. God forbid!!!

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