A landlady is currently awaiting to be arraigned in court. This is after burning down her tenant’s belongings over rent arrears worth eight hundred shillings.

In a report seen on the DCI’s social media platforms, a family in Mumia’s was forced to spend the night in the cold after their house was lit up. No pun intended.

The tenant was unable to pay up her rent arrears which amounted to eight hundred shillings.

The landlady showed up in the evening demanding that the tenant clears up the dent asap or she would face the music.

The woman who could only afford four hundred shillings at the moment requested the landlady to wait for her to clear up the remaining 400/- in a few days. But the landlady could hear none of it.

She (the landlady) angrily demanded the tenant to clear up the entire balance categorically stating that she could not give her more time to play games with her.

It’s at this juncture she went to her house as if leaving then came back carrying a matchbox and a bottle full of kerosene.

image of a house on fire

She forcefully entered her tenant’s house and poured the kerosene all over her clothes and beddings then set them on fire.

As the possessions went up in smoke the tenant begged the landlady to put it out. But instead, she was dancing triumphantly as she had just won a jackpot.
The tenant’s possessions were valued at roughly 47,000Ksh. How could someone be so wicked?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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