KRG The Don’s ex-wife Linah Kiruthi seems to have moved on after their publicized bitter breakup. And she did not just move on, she moved on with one of KRG’s enemy and rival, the manager of the popular music group Mbogi Genje.

The flamboyant singer has time and again taken to social media to hurl insults at the Eastlands-based music group. Their beef came after the group called out KRG for releasing their collab song without their consent.

Karuga, alias KRG, had referred to the group as a bunch of struggling artists compared to him an international artist. He even claimed that their music is for thugs. Mbogi genje are struggling local artists. I’m an international artist living in Kenya! Apart from izo mitaa mnasema Dandora, Kayole, Umoja, nobody else understands those things. That is thug music..he had said.

The music group had responded to KRG’s claims saying that they were not struggling as they had endorsements. Mbogi Genje is not struggling, we have endorsements and are aiming to make it even bigger in the music industry. Numbers don’t lie.”

Mbogi Genje nd their manager in brown hair

Linah and the manager

Well just when we thought Lilian Ng’ang’a dumping a whole governor for an artist was the most unprecedented event, Linah Kiruthi has been spotted hanging out with Mbogi Genje’s manager!

Linah, unlike her angry ex-husband KRG, has never commented on their divorce online. But looks like she was planning to shame him.

Linah and Eastlands President, as he is popularly known, have been spotted partying together numerous times looking cozy.

The beautiful Linah

In a video seen on the guy’s WhatsApp status, he is seen spending quality time with the gorgeous woman at a club. The two are seeing doing the Mbogi Genje signature ‘ngumi mbwegze’ and locking eyes the way lovers do. They almost kiss where the video ends with the guy lightly pecking her cheek affectionately . The next status is a picture of the lady and a love emoji. See video below

I’m not sure if KRG has seen the videos yet. Because this would be such a blow to him. However, let’s wait and hear him throw insults at the ex-wife and her new lover.

What are your thoughts?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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