Jamaican dancehall singer Konshens finally gave comedian Eric Omondi a piece of his mind.
Konshens who is set to shit down Nairobi in a concert on 31st Dec was responding to Eric’s tantrums.
Eric Omondi took to social media to complain about International artists coming to Kenya to ‘steal’ our money.

Eric is not an artist himself, but a retired comedian who has resulted to do just about anything for relevance.
Taking to Instagram Omondi complained about a tweet made by Jamaican singer Kranium, who notified his fans that he would visit Kenya soon.

So this Rusted,Dusted and Washed up Kranium guy like any other Jamaican Artist treats Kenya like his Toilet. The ARROGANCE in his tone and Tweet Suggests that he can walk in and out of Kenya at Will🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. My issue and Concern is there are 52 African Nations but Kenya seems to be the EASIEST Destination to make quick Cash. TRUST me he cannot tweet Such Nonsense on Nigeria, South Africa or Even Tanzania. Ati “I never Said I was coming yet, see you soon” Hata no one has Invited him, he is just broke and wondering how he can make some quick cash, Of course Kenya. Cried Eric.


An agitated Eric argued that Jamaican artists treat Kenyans like toilet. That’s why they walk in and out anytime they wish. His post sparked mixed reactions from Konshens fans and netizens in general.

So Konshens did not mince his words when giving Eric a piece of his mind. He explained that Kenyans do really love all genre of music not just dance hall as Eric was insinuating.
The legendary singer stated that he could not understand why Eric was so mad to an extent of clamping that Jamaican artists were broke and looking for quick cash.

Konshens responds

Konshens even revealed that he cancelled three other shows that are closer to him. But chose Kenya because of the vibe and love he gets from Kenyans. I had 4 offers for Dec 31st all way closer to my home and less of a hassle but I chose Kenya. Because of the raw vibe & energy… We just love your country and your people and they love us back

Also I don’t think anyone is borrowing Eric’s money to pay for the concerts so I think he should fight for himself. And not in behalf of all Kenyans.
However, he has gone ahead to display his determination in ‘fixing’ the entertainment industry in the country. I’m not sure how exactly so hopefully he fixes it and leaves our sweet Jamaican artists out of his tantrums.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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