Well, well, Kitenges are overrated.

The world’s moving fast and so is the fashion in relationships. Nowadays if your lover and you don’t rock matching outfits, you probably skipped a stage in your relationship. I mean everybody wants to look good and feel good with their significant other.

Most celeb couples set the trend when it comes to fashion and matching outfits, locally known as ‘kitenge’. I wonder if they do that intentionally or one party forces the other.

So I’m just wondering is it a stage in the relationship that a couple reaches to start matching outfits or is it noted down in the relationship Constitution?

However, I think that wearing couples matching outfits- kitenges is a great way to display your love for each other. 
It outlines that you two are in unity and in love. But where do the outfits go to after a breakup?

I also think that maybe matching outfits help to prove to the world that you two are connected and inseparable. And in a city like Nairobi, it’s necessary to mark your partner before he/she is swept away from you.

Lastly, it’s perfectly okay to match second-hand clothes alias mitumba as seen with the Mulamwas. It doesn’t have to be a piece of expensive Kitenge!

It has been a minute since I wrote anything. (I’m simply just exercising). Remember to rock matching outfits with your significant others and stay tuned for news and entertainment here at BNN!

Wanjiru Mbaru.

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