In the recent developments surrounding the troubling Roysambu rental murder case, the perpetrator, where a young woman was found killed, decapitated, and dismembered with her head missing, is believed to have used a hacksaw

“The killer most likely used a hacksaw to dismember the body. He made away with the head and placed the other body parts in paper bags.”

An anonymous witness told Citizen TV.

The victim has since been identified by family members using fingerprints since her head was missing. But, the family withdrew sharing the identity publicly.

Covering Tracks

Photos from CCTV footage of suspected killer in Roysambu Airbnb murder

The CCTV footage shows the suspect, who rented House B1 at Green House Apartments on Saturday January 13, wearing a white cap and spectacles in a bid to remain anonymous. Additionally, he used a woman’s sim card to register for the apartment. And in a further calculated move opted to pay the Sh2000 room rate in cash due to alleged MPesa issues.

A probe team officer expressed concerns that the Roysambu killer appeared to have acted in rage, and is likely to strike again.

“He seemed to have acted in rage. And we fear that he might kill more.

A probe team officer said.
Nairobi Police Chief Adamson Bungei

Nairobi police boss Adamson Bungei advised Airbnb operators to be keen while renting out the rooms, adding that investigations into the Roysambu murder were ongoing.

“The owners of the premises need to be keen when handling those booking rooms. We are pursuing leads that may help us,”

He said.

Heightened Security After Roysambu Rental murder

Green House Apartments Roysambu (L) and Police officers on scene (R)

Law enforcement officers issued new mandatory safety directives to Airbnb owners to safeguard the safety and reputation of hospitality industry.

“All Airbnb operators in the County to register with the city management, and provide on the detail, location and security measures in place.

All operators to obtain a one year operating license from the County Government of Kisumu, with renewal of the license contingent upon inspection and evaluation.”

The Kisumu police directed.

By Vivian K.

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