Where did you think you were going Natalie Tewa?

Like just own up sweetie…

Kenya ain’t done with you sis

We were just wondering who the handbag belonged to.

And it wasn’t Betty Kyallo’s for sure.

We have video evidence

Lakini si hata ungepost hata picha bado tuamini uko Kenya.

Ama take a lesson from Ferrous Sidika and repost old pics.

You know how sloppy you have to be for KOT to actually spot you

Wacha nicheke tu.

Hii kiherehere ya simu itamaliza career za watu huku nje.

Like remember when Haentel posted a pic of Kingi and quickly added a few more for damage control?

Y’all too funny I swear.

Aaaaaand to any other aspiring instamodel on taxpayer payrolls,

Si mjiheshimu nani…


Just don’t.


Natalie Tewa almost has us there though…

Mi this madam had me convinced from the get go.

So I’m out here scrolling on the TL and I see the story pale on Edgar’s higlights

And I quickly assumed it was Betty because meh,

We all know Betty and Hassan had a stint toka enzi za kale.

The trail was probably cold before it even started.

But Kenyans really deliver in ways you could never expect.

People working VAR on steroids out here.

Some “turntableism” if you may.

Ebu lemme just get to the point and stop playing with y’all

But first of all we need to prove the handbag was actually Natalie’s

Here’s proof:

The origin of Natalie Tewa handbag

So when the flight landed,

Hassan Joho went to twitter and posted this:

“Shikilia hii waone ni yako.”

But Tea Pickers were not having it.

The handbag has already been linked to Natalie Tewa in Part One of this story.

But I’ll just include a quick comparison for my little rebels who are not into all that reading stuff.

Also, ni mimi pekee nimenotice hii mfuko ilitumika Dubai in the video?

Sa girls usually buy an handbag and say “Hii ni ya kwenda dunda”

Because Natalie definitely has a “Kibetty ya Dubai”

Here’s the video.

Check the location.

Forehead tena?

I personally have a big forehead,

But I know one thing for sure,

I don’t see mine getting me busted by tea pickers

But I gotta give it to you:

Kenyans were swift on this one:

Ebu peep this DM from Edgar Obare.

And then people started stretching theories…

Some really convincing video made it’s way to the internets

It was more or less a in-plane tour of the private jet Joho had hired

It was boring I know right?

Kwanza the music is annoying AF

But watch it till the end

A reflection of the person(not forehead this time) giving the tour could be seen on the bathroom mirror .

Wakenya ni nani though?

For about an hour or two people had their own theories as to how the recorder could be Natalie Tewa,

Here’s just some of them:

But looking at the date the video was posted which was Feb 13th

It’s was obvious that it was a blow to our Tea Pickers.

A huge hole in probably the biggest lead so far.

And the silence landed…

Tulifundishwa kunyamazaa…

Alafu the comeback

This one just came out of nowhere

Blew the damn case wide open!

I have to hand it to this one

George Kinoti has nothing on this Tea Picker.

Cue the damn video!

You don’t notice it yet right?

Look at this and play it again.


Si hii ni gone case ama?

You absolutely killed it on this one Kenyans,

And I loved every moment of it.

Naona ata Edgar amefuatiliza story kule Instagram…

Part 3 perhaps?

Ama wacha niongezee tu.

The Visa

And because good news always comes in twos,

Probably the last nail on the coffin that is this case.

The visa landed…

A quick visa equiry lines up the dates perfectly.

And that’s how the cookie crumbles.

What more proof do you need?


Ebu niende.

Si mtanifollow pale Instagram?

My name is Baba Mboga by the way.

Check out some of my other stories.

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3 years ago

How do you post personal information like Visa on social media. Those staff members who sent edgar the screenshots do you really love your jobs ama mnajoke around na venye hakuna jobs huku. Clients information should always remain at work or you risk getting fired etc.

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Na sasa wapatikane. Tuone hide my ID pale itawafikisha. It’s so unprofessional and it’s giving us a bad name. Sasa tutapata jobs airport kweli? Will we be trusted?

3 years ago

As I had commented in one of your posts, I want to read something that’s not on Instagram. What will be the point of me reading this stale story after Edgar amemalizia Instagram ? ? You guys were picked to give us proper juice but hapa naona copy pasting.

3 years ago

Njege itagwo wanjiru wa githinji

3 years ago

Natalie Tewa has always been one of my favorite Kenyan bloggers, but kumbe she just belongs to the streets like akina Betty and Vera. Cancelled!

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Munanganga and chic doesn’t even care about your opinion. Ataget tu endorsements zake sisi tukilia kwa bedsitter. She’s also from a well off family kwa hivyo money hangs out with money ??

3 years ago
Reply to  Shiru

You’re very wrong. She’s an influencer and brands use her based off of her following. If she loses that then she’s just another pretty girl on Instagram. So our opinion does matter.

And kwani everybody lives in a bedsitter?? Eish sis, some of use actually have homes. Work hard!

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Watu wakona nyumba zao hawangangani kwa mablog kama wewe! Kazi kufuata udaku ndogo ndogo that you should leave for people younger than you. Unafikiria sikujui?

3 years ago

Can she sue for defamation?

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Defamation cannot arise here

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

She wouldn’t waste time or money on cheap ass people

3 years ago
Reply to  Shiru

she did…. now that the case is in court

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Serves him right! Watu wa “hide my id” should come to his rescue

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