Kenyans on Twitter are currently sending their prayers and thoughts to KTN presenter Ken Mijungu after a very hard interview with lawyer Miguna Miguna.

So during the interview seen on KTN, Ken was set to interview the Canada-based lawyer. But he did not look forward to how tough it unexpectedly turned out.

Miguna Miguna would bombard Ken with facts after facts while answering questions that had not been asked.

Miguna asks ken to shut up

More than once Miguna asked Ken to shut up so that he-Miguna would talk.

I’m going to answer your questions the way I want not the way you want. So you better keep quiet when I’m answering your questions. Once you ask a question you keep quiet otherwise it’s not an interview. I’m not one of those people that you can play around with within this channel.
Ken- I believe you are running away from my question by trying to intimidate me. Let’s be civil.
Miguna- if you are not going to interview me tell me and I will switch off.

The question was about Miguna breaking laws by swearing in Raila as President in 2017. He argued that he did not break any law and according to him saying that he broke any law is nonsense.

How can you have the audacity to charge me for swearing-in another person and not charge him? You see how ridiculous your question is?

Miguna went on to bark and shout at Ken throughout the interview while dodging certain questions.

Ken at one point asked the lawyer if he would swear Raila again if he wins the elections next year. And Miguna went on a rant asking the news anchor why he was asking him a hypothetical question. Why can I not be the one being sworn in? Who told you I can not run and I can not win? You see how hypothetical you are?
You are so biased.

kenyans reactions

Just to sum it up, Miguna turned the interview around and was now interviewing ken, ordering him around and speaking in such a condescending tone that Ken nearly cried. In fact his countenance fell as Miguna kept cornering him with questions.

Kenyans on Twitter have sympathized with Ken with some saying that he deserves a hardship allowance after such a hard interview.

Here are some of their reactions:

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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