Social media platforms are currently the best places to air concerns. And Twitter works well with that.

So the hashtag end curfew hours have been trending since morning on Twitter.

Because evidently, there’s absolutely no reason as to why there’s curfew. Other than the imagination that the coronavirus is inactive at night.

One Kenyan took to Twitter to remind the rest that the Kianjakoma brothers’ murders would have been avoided had there been no curfew.

Another day to remind y’all the two brothers died because they were out past curfew time. Young guys who were trying to make an honest living were killed by police officers who were protecting them from being killed by covid.

Popular blogger Cyprian Nyakundi also shared his views on the same. And mocked the group that apparently discovered how the virus operates at night. Sharing their pictures Cyprian wrote

Dr. Ahmed Kalebi & Dr. Githinji Gitahi deserve an Nobel Prize for discovering that COVID-19 is only active between 10pm to 4am, the rest of the time the virus can’t withstand sunlight. Medical journals worldwide should update this discovery.

Nyakundi went on to blast the group that instigated the extension of the current lockdown. And of course, shared their pictures too.

This last lockdown extension was instigated by Jill Kui & Oliver Mathenge.Emmanuel and Benson died because of Jill Kui, Oliver Mathenge and Githinji Gitahi. Never forget.

Political rallies

I think it’s strange and very ironic how the leaders who are supposed to be the ones helping the government in the fight against the virus are the ones at the forefront of violating rules set.

Recently political aspirants have been going around the country trying to get votes seeing that elections are a year away. And of course, in the process attract masses of people forgetting the social distance rule.

For instance, Raila who was a few months ago hospitalized as he battled COVID-19 was recently seen addressing the public at Nakuru not being mindful of the fact that he was putting them at risk.

The DP was also on Sunday seen addressing the public at Kawangware area.

Police brutality

Police brutality has also significantly risen over time owing to curfew. The police who are quite ruthless are too quick to admonish Kenyans who are seen outside past curfew hours.

Very many Kenyans have faced the wrath of the police due to curfew. And many others losing their sources of livelihoods and lives as well.

To be very honest, the curfew serves no purpose other than oppressing Kenyans who would rather be making an honest living.

So Kenyans on Twitter have come together and are pushing fiercely for the removal of curfew by end month. Please do not be left behind.

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