A Kenyan nurse, Ann Qabale Duba won the Aster Guardians Global Nursing Award after a panel of judges championed her work in helping to protect vulnerable women and children in Africa.

The award also came with a prize money of $250,000 which is Kshs 29,000,000 at the exchange rate of 1 USD being 116 kes.

More than 24,000 applicants were put forward for the global nursing award and on international nurses day, Anne became its first recipient.

Duba, 31, is the founder of the Qabale Duba Foundation in Kenya, which opposes harmful cultural practices against women and children. It also advocates for girls’ education. She is also a former 2013 Miss Tourism Kenya winner. And was the first graduate from her village and the only educated child in her family. Ms Duba uses her crown and nursing to advocate for gender equality and education in her community her Foundation

The center also trains women and children. And equips them with skills to enter the working environment.

Ann at the event

I am so happy!- Duba

Duba who hails from a family of 19 siblings has worked for over a decade to reduce crime against women and children including female genital mutilation and forced marriages.

I am happy and proud because growing up in a rural village in Kenya, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be celebrating on a global platform like this,” said Ann upon receiving the award.

I come from a place where illiteracy levels are very high. I am the only graduate in my village and in my family.

“I do not discount boys and men but I focus my efforts on women and children, because in my country we do not get equal opportunities.

Through my organisation, I have built a unique school in my village that teaches both children and their parents, because for me education is key to a better future.”

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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