So seemingly to survive in the Kenyan music industry is such a struggle. Willy paul should have known that. You may have to continuously chase clout, diss another artist, or fake your divorce just to mention but a few so as to get views for your new song or album.

So many artists have over time complained that Kenyan artists do not support each other. And it’s for that reason Willy Paul felt the need to express himself.

Former gospel artist Willy Paul recently released an album. But unfortunately, it has not been received on a celebratory note as he had anticipated.

Obviously irked by the ignorance of Kenyan artists, Willy took to his insta to condemn them.

Kenyan artists wako na wivu moja safi. If you do something nice while alive they will ignore. Alafu ukikufa ndio kila mtu anajua kukupost ati mara ooh he was a very talented young man…read his caption in part.

Nikikufa mtu asijaribu kunipost!- Willy Paul

Willy Poze went ahead to say that no one should try to post him when he’s dead or else nitafufuka nimfinye balls ala! Which loosely translates to “I will arise and squeeze his balls”.

The singer went ahead to thank the few artists who have shown any form of support to his new album dubbed Songs of Solomon. Bwana mkunaji has featured long-lost Juliani and Camp Mulla among other artists in his new album.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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wivu wa wakenya upoo

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