Kelechi Africana pays tribute to Papa Shirandula in a beautiful song.

It has just been a week since Kenya lost one of the most celebrated actors, Papa Shirandula.

Papa was reported to have succumbed to corona virus.

Family and friends only got a very short time to mourn him as he was buried two days after his death.

Various people, artists, and celebrities have paid tribute to Papa in the form of articles and posts.

And it is evident that Papa Shirandula really touched the hearts of many. But also broke the hearts of many others.

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Thank you for Everything Papa! Rest in Peace ???

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Jalangoo mourns Papa
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This Man, Charles Bukeko, #PapaShirandula, the first time he called me for the role #Awinja I remember I told him “NO iam not good with accents but I know someone who can bring out the Luhya accent really well” and I went ahead and gave him my friend’s number, Eh! a month later he called me saying “ Manze Vike I believe you can bring out this role really well, acha kufikiria accent sana kuja tufanye kazi” so I went zile za Ah! acha niende tu I carry it as a challenge, and guys the rest is history. My life changed because of that opportunity Bukeko gave me. I am so much at peace because I always told him how grateful I always was, this has been said over and over but alllow me to repeat this, TELL PEOPLE HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THEM WHEN THEY ARE STILL ALIVE, it gives you so much peace knowing you told them how you love, cared or even thanked them when they were with us here. Anyhu we started out as colleagues, but in no time we became family and we were working on other different things together not only the show Papa His last days, he was so happy, he brought people together and offered opportunities to so many people the young and old in the industry….. it hurts so bad because the passion, drive and the future plans he had Yani….anyway Wahh hii ni Ten Nil… Rest easy my Ango you will forever be in my heart Thank you all for the love, I have received your DM’s can’t reply to all but thank you thank you all so much. ❤️

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Jackie mourns Papa
Nyaminde mourns Papa

Among other people who have offered their tributes to Papa Shirandula is one Kelechi Africana.

Kelechi Africana has gone out of his way to do an entire song mourning Papa.

The song is as beautiful as his hit song Ring. As a result, It evokes various emotions watching it and gets one reminiscing on various memories of Papa on screen.

You can watch the entire song below

The song

It has been a tough time for friends and family of Papa and hopefully this amazing song by Kelechi Africana will see them through.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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