Veteran actress Kate Kamau refuted claims that she was importing her lips products and re branding them.

Kate recently launched her lip care brand identified as House of Humba.

Kate even declined attending the Rihanna’s Fenty launch citing conflict of interest as the reason.

The complaint

One of her customers reached out to Edgar Obare to report that the products were low quality and not worth the money Kate sold them at. She claimed that Kate was seemingly importing the goods from China and re-branding them whilst overcharging them. Some of the products actually went for only one Kenyan shilling online.

House of Humba products

The student expressed their shock at Kate comparing herself to Rihanna. How does a repackager compare herself with a genuine product? Kenyan I founders really surprise me! Said the person.

The source went on to complain that despite her effort to buy Kenya and build Kenya, she was beyond shocked to find that the goods were re branded. The lip scrubber and masks are from a company called Gooberry. And the plumper lip mark is available online. Disclosed the lady while sharing screenshots of the online prices.

The lip mask is seen to be going for only 9 Kenya shillings.

Kate responds

When Edgar Obare reached out to Kate for a response on the same, she said that her products were good. Because she had done a question and answer about lip care. She then did her research, improved on the said products, and imported them. Wanataka niite aje? Is it wrong to import? She asked.

Edgar demanded to know if she was part of the production and also what was different about her brand.

Kate divulged that she was in constant communication with the manufacturers on what she wanted to be improved. Feedback is good and I really appreciate it, She said.

She added that what was different was that she saw the need to restore our natural lips. Just like we do with our skin but make it affordable. She concluded.

Have you tried the House of Humba products and what do you like about them?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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