Bonfire Adventures founders Simon and Sara Kabu disclosed that their daughter was unwell and admitted.

Taking to their Instagram pages the couple took turns to give thanks for healing their little girl Anita Kabu.

So Sara stated that their daughter had been struggling with adenoids and tonsilitis. As a result, she had to undergo therapy at the Agha Khan hospital which was successful.

Good afternoon my people we give thanks to the almighty God for the healing of my Princess @anitakabu .

It’s been 2 long days hapa kutoa adenoids smoothly I now know one of the best ENT docs in case anyone needs recommendations. Aga Khan team thank you so much for your hospitality we enjoyed every moment with the nursing team Anita wants to continue having more ice cream she was enjoying there as it’s restricted at home.”

Sara went ahead to thank her husband Kabu for making the parenting journey easier as she was really scared. Thank you Love @kabusimon for making my parenting journey amazing I was so scared.

Kabu on the other hand gave thanks to the doctor who attended to their daughter teaming him as God sent.

It’s has been 2 long days for #thekabus and @anitakabu . Thanks Agha Khan Hospital . Dr Asmeeta Patel.. you are just God sent.


Adenoids are a mass of enlarged lymphatic tissue between the back of the nose and the throat, often hindering speaking and breathing in young children.

So adenoids that become infected usually become enlarged, but return to their normal size when the infection subsides. However, in some instances, the adenoids remain enlarged even after the infection is gone. Enlarged adenoids can also be caused by allergies. Some children have enlarged adenoids from birth.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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