South African opposition leader, Julius Malema, heavily criticized President Ruto for failing to honor his promises to Kenyans. His sentiments came at a time when Kenyans are undergoing a financial crisis. The crisis is due to high taxation imposed by President Ruto’s government.

“I don’t know if President William Ruto means it because he says so many things. And I cannot locate him these days. Because the things he said during elections and the things he is doing now are two different things.”

Julius Malema said.
Julius Malema

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Party leader faulted President Ruto on the issue of dollarization. When campaigning, the president pledged to replace the dollar with local currency. Yet, it is one of the manifestos he is yet to deliver.

“I don’t know. Because I heard him saying we need to do away with the dollar and build our own but his actions are not speaking to anything of doing away with the dollar,”.

Malema said.

King Charles’ Visit

Malema also had a bone of contention to pick with President Ruto regarding King Charles visit to Kenya.

“The latest being putting a red carpet for murderer. A person who killed the Kenyan people, coming to this country, receiving a red carpet and being saluted by our own army.”

Malema stated.

The EFF leader was of the opinion that the Kenyan army is not a colonialist force. But rather, it is a product of the Mau Mau rebellion.He argued that the Kenyan army, descended from freedom fighters, should not salute those involved in killing their forebears. This, he insisted, was inappropriate.

“The Kenyan army is not a colonialist army. The Kenyan army is a product of the Mau Mau rebellion. And those who killed our people in the Mau Mau rebellion cannot be saluted by the same army of the children of those who were killed during the Mau Mau rebellion.”

He said.

Pan-African Institute Launch

Julius Malema was the keynote speaker during the November 9, 2023 launch of The Pan-African Institute. Prof. PLO Lumumba, also attended as the Chief Guest.

The launch of the institute will place Lukenya University on the map as a global research and Pan-African Center. This is for matters related to Pan-Africanism and African Studies.

“The Pan-African Institute will have a great impact on the University’s position in Africa, and we are already excited about this. We will be a center for Pan-Africanism in Africa and, thus, advocate for unity, brotherhood and collaboration in Africa.”Deputy Vice Chancellor Dr. Judith Wafula said

Lukenya University held its fifth graduation ceremony today November 10, 2023.


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6 months ago

Malema is not afraid to stir the waters

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