Media personality Julie Gichuru was recently called out for frustrating her black neighbors in Diani.

In a long thread seen on Twitter, a Twitter user complained of how they have been experiencing discrimination since Julie moved to the house.

The user identified as Mumbi, said that since Julie moved there and took over the management, it has been crazy. Because she blocked all her black neighbors behind her from accessing the beach. The neighbors had had access to the beach for over twelve years.

Mumbi went ahead to disclose that Gichuru apparently moved to Diani to escape the busy Nairobi life. And she went there with her own state house security and bodyguards.

So apparently the neighbors were told that some VVIPs would be staying there and they had to be protected from the common people who posed a threat to them. Wrote Mumbi

Mumbi went on to lament that Diani is a very small village and that there are several big people living there without intimidating the locals. Those are kanairo vibes. Everyone knows Julie Gichuru’s hideout in Diani because they have been so loud in a quiet sleepy town.

Mumbi said that after hearing the complaints from the neighbors and locals, she went and had a chat with the house manager. And explained how Julie and the mother had caused havoc since they moved in.

Mumbi explained that she was only sharing the story to illustrate how the issue of racism in Kenya is deep.

She however, disclosed that Julie has adamantly refused to meet with her neighbor who is not a rich mzungu or elite Kenyan because she feels superior.

Mind you the lady has had access to the beach since she bought the property 12 years ago. Wrote Mumbi. She doesn’t have a name or a godfather, her and her residents are getting bullied and robbed off their rights. Like most Kenyans dealing with the elite, the lady has given up. But we as Kenyans must stand up for our rights.

Julie Gichuru is yet to comment on the allegations.

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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