Veteran gospel artist Julius Owino alias Juliani claims that he is receiving threats for ‘stealing’ someone.

We all know who the someone is. Lilian Ng’ang’a.

On 1st September, Juliani made a statement that simply confirmed the rumors about his relationship with Governor Mutua’s ex-wife. See article.

Juliani who has for the longest time avoided drama is currently walking on eggshells.

The rapper took to Twitter to announce that he is being threatened. And defended himself saying that you can not steal an intelligent adult who is of sound mind and judgment. Could be because his fans are accusing him of stealing Lilian from Mutua.

How now can you “iba mtu”? An intelligent adult with a sound mind?Juliani asked rhetorically.

He went ahead to disclose that he received threatening calls and texts whilst bashing the whole narrative as false.

The call/text threat on my life today, MOT funny! “Ulinyanganyana” narrative is false, tires, juicy headlines Tu. Kindly stop!

The artist did not however reveal from who the call came from. But as he said earlier ‘you can draw your own conclusions’.

His fans reminded him of a guy who was licking honey from someone else’s – a politician- honey pot. And that he was brutally murdered. So he should be careful.

In response, the niko njaa hitmaker wrote: for the threats, usi aim face, na prefer nikismile kwa open casket.

Taking to Instagram, former activist Boniface Mwangi while confirming the relationship, has added that Juliani has since reported the issue at Kileleshwa police station.

 Someone called him and texted using 0773912088. He told Juliani to stop posting pics posed with his friend @ngangalillian, and if he continues, they will kill him. He has recorded a statement at Kileleshwa Police Station. We must respect personal choices. Do what you want with your life. Love who you want. It’s your LIFE. Love is a personal choice. Wrote Mwangi.

Juliani at Kileleshwa Police station

What are your thoughts on the same?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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