Joho, Junet

Who’s bag is this?

Save us from ourselves

But in the meantime,

Let me get to my intro.

Si you guys know that recently tumefunguliwa barabara

Na hewa…. apparently,


Si hewa is air transport?

Ah! nyi mnaelewa what I mean

Air transport was also “uncessated,”

But that did not come without drama

It begins…

So… Apparentre,

Bwana Hassan from the 001 and this other dude named Kunet were headed to Dubai to see Raila Odinga after he had surgery huko.

Btw who’s this Kunet dude?

I literally googled “Kunet” and the first name that came up was..

A university…

…In Copenhagen

Oh… it’s Junet?

Mrs hapa just corrected me

But the fact remains that mi simjuii,

Politics si yangu, wacha nibaki na story za akina Tanasha.

Haaaya anyways,

Mimi si I get on the Instagrams like Obare pays me to do.

I see, on his story, a picture of Hassan, Junet and this handbag of sorts.

A really nice one btw.

It’s brown and leather

Leather brown bag?

Ningejua order or adjectives ingenisumbua hivi ningebaki tu holiday tuition

Here’s the pic.

I just hit back and refresh.


Theories upon theories za Tea Pickers on the gram.

Theory 001

For those who don’t know,

Betty had been rumored in the recent past to be having a little bit of “reports” going on on the side with Hassan Joho.

So you wouldn’t believe the reaction of KOT when they saw “her” bag in the picture.

Peep this tweet.

Everybody was on this case apart from a few keen eyes.

Obviously the usual tea pickers (may your cups forever be filled),

Pictures of Betty in a completely different wardrobe and handbag started to surface

Heck,she was at a completely different location…

It was proven that although she owned the handbag,

It wasn’t her at Joho’s private jet.

The end right?


Theory 002

Another tea picker over here decided that this blog would have a part 2

How, you may ask?

Check this out:

This theory also got its fair share of fans.

One even claimed to work at the airport and saw them boarding.

I can’t make this up if I wanted to.

Sasa hapa naona nikiweka subheadings.

But I’m not.

I will show you in these screenshots below,

That kando ya Mungu ogopa Nairobi, wanawake

Na Wanawake wa Nairobi

Junet au Joho?

Joho 1- Junet 0
Recovery with Joho 1- Junet 1
Junet takes the lead at Joho 1- Junet 2
This one blew it out the park.

Raymond Reddington would be proud of you.

Let’s get back to Betty.

Betty Botter says “No Bueno”

Betty Kyallo went on Instagram to flatly refute all claims that she was out in Dubai with Joho.

Here’s the video:

View this post on Instagram

Betty Kyallo confirms she is still in Kenya.

A post shared by BNN (@bnnke) on

So now we have Junet, Joho and Tewa left in this equation.

Joho is almost out of the picture by now.

But the story gives us one last twist…


Joho apparently got wind of what was happening akiwa angani

A little birdie perhaps?

And he had to do damage control as soon as he got to Dubai.

He posted this on his twitter:

Kenyans were still not having it…

See what a Tea picker had to say:


Who do you think it is Natalie J is?

Natalie Joho Or Natalie Junet?


Nani alisema ni poa kusema vitu kama hizi aki.

Huyu naye haendi mbinguni

Aki wadau si mwache niende

I’m behind on my next story.

Here’s my Instagram.

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4 years ago

Great one! Hilarious

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