Former Citizen Tv presenter Joey Muthengi has opened up about her eating disorder.

Joey Muthengi appeared on the famous TV show 10 over 10 that airs on Citizen Tv.

The riveting beauty has explained that the job was so stressful.

In a series of tweets, Joy talks about the whole journey.

Joey’s confession

Joey in her thread explained that she attended Caucasian Schools in her teenage years. And being thin was the in thing.

So I grew up conditioned not to accept anything other than being a skinny Becky. I then developed an eating disorder. In High School, I would eat all the food and throw up in the bathroom later. What they don’t tell you about bulimia is that you end up consuming more cals that way. Fast forward to college and it’s the same story. Eating, barfing, and pretending nothing was wrong. All the girls were doing it.

She goes ahead to say that she got it under control for a few years till she landed a job on TV . As a result, she stopped eating at all so that she would look great in those dresses they gave her. “But underneath I was suffering.” She reminisces.

I felt so much pressure to maintain this image that I just stopped eating. Girls in the hallway would ask me…”My God Joey how do you stay so thin?” And I would just laugh and keep it moving. I honestly thought I was fine. And that’s the thing with eating disorders. You don’t see it yourself. But others do.

she went ahead

Joey also shared some of her old pics which she says she looked at but could barely recognize herself.

An old pic of Joey Muthengi

Joey who currently hosts a show on Capital FM admits that her mother had also noticed she had a problem.

Joey Muthengi- the job was so stressful!

She confessed outright that the job was stressing her so much. Even though she seemed okay outwardly. She professes that she felt awful and was in so much pain. “The job had stressed me to the point of me losing myself. Someone had sent me this pic of what I looked like before and that’s when I decided to put my health first!”

She winds up the thread by sharing a recent pic. But also clarifying that she’s still battling the eating disorders.

Her fans were quick to congratulate her for being open and honest about her struggles.

Eating Disorders

She also acknowledged that the disorders are barely talked about in Africa. In case you are not familiar with the two terms bulemia and anorexia:

Bulemia Nervosa is a serious eating disorder in which the person binge eats. They then take steps to avoid weight gain. Most commonly, this means vomiting (purging). But it can also mean excessive exercising or fasting.

Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder which causes people to obsess about their weight and what they eat. They try to maintain a below-normal weight through starvation or too much exercise.

By Wanjiru Mbaru.

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