Recently divorced couple Amira and Jimal Rohosafi seem not to tire from throwing jabs at each other.

The two rose to fame about two years ago when Jimal was dating Instagram user Amber Ray. And it was discovered that he had a whole wife and children.

However, in his quest for Instagram fame, Jimal disregarded his wife Amira. And even allowed his then-side chic to disrespect her just as much.

Taking to her Instagram page in a Q and A session, Amira revealed that she regretted getting married to Jimal. And even siring kids with him. She added that the two were struggling to co-parent since they got divorced.

The gorgeous lass then divulged that her ex-husband was a toxic narcissist and a wife beater too! Something that has taken their fans by utter surprise.

Amira detailed how Jimal constantly beat her and that she even lost a pregnancy.

Amira claimed that he even assaulted her while she was nine months pregnant with their secondborn son.

Jimal Responds

Speaking to a local gossip page, Jimal rubbished claims that he ever laid his hands on Amira. And even claimed that she was never pregnant for him.

He in fact wondered which miscarriage Amira was talking about. Because she apparently has a health condition that necessitated her to undergo a weight-loss journey. And one that made them agree that they wouldn’t have another baby. The matatu boss also wondered how the vocal wife would have kept quiet if such a thing happened. “Amira is a pure liar and if she was pregnant, she would have told the whole world that she was pregnant,” he said.

Jimal and Amira

Jimal felt that Amira was just bitter because he moved on.

Amira is just bitter because I am no longer giving her upkeep money like before. But the kids are okay.”” he claimed.

The womanizer claimed Amira is very toxic, even though he was the one cheating on her. And that his next man will soon find out.

Her next man will realize how toxic she is. I have never laid my hands on her and if she has ever been beaten, why is it that she did not take me to court for all that time?

That should have been a big case infact murder case. Why was she silent? Why is she bringing those stories right now? It is because I chased her from the house I had bought for her. He claimed.

Whom do you believe?

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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