Janet Mbugua’s Inua Dada foundation was awarded a global away from The World Association for Sexual Health.

Announcing the win on Instagram, Janet Mbugua was beyond herself with joy.

The award was given at the Hivos-sponsored 25th Congress of the World Association for Sexual Health.

The Inua Dada Foundation was founded by Janet Mbugua. And has reached roughly fifteen million people online since it began.

In a video seen on her Instagram page, Janet says that she began her journey into journalism, she never thought that a single story would change her life forever.

Ms. Mbugua excitedly explains that Inua Dada has won an award for Excellence and Innovation in Sexuality innovation under the non-governmental organization’s category. The only organization from Africa to receive this award. It’s such a historic moment and we are so honored! She exclaims.

One of its objectives is to address matters on Menstrual equity for all girls and women through community engagement, access to menstrual products, and information on sexual reproductive health and rights.

Inua Dada has also tackled tab is and myths surrounding menstrusl healthier many cultures and countries.

During a press release, Janet mentioned that the reward and recognition emphasize the importance of having sustained and inclusive conversations that shift towards a multi-stakeholder approach. And also creating safe spaces to improve access and learning.

Watch video.

Congratulations to Janet!

By Wanjiru Mbaru

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