Jalangoo replaces Andrew Kibe on the popular morning show on Kiss 100.

Jalangoo was recently fired from Milele Fm. Here’s the story.

Andrew Kibe resigned from Kiss 100 a few days ago.

Kibe- I resigned

Well, is anyone surprised? I bet not. The moment Jalangoo was shown the door at Milele Fm, there was so much speculation that he would be joining Kiss 100. He confirmed it himself when he said “…But I want to say, I might end up on Waiyaki way, on Waiyaki Way there are so many radios…”

Andrew Kibe, who’s mostly known for his controversial topics and advice, has come out to admit that he had sent a three-month notice to quit. Because he was being censored on what content to put out on national radio. He says that once he sent the notice he didn’t even disclose it to his cohost, Kamene Goro.

kamene and kibe on Kiss 100

The dynamic duo has co-hosted the show for a year after unceremoniously exiting NRG radio where they used to work together. And the two make an impressive pair. So it was not a wonder when Kibe announced his exit and expressed how much he would miss Kamene.

According to data by GeoPoll, the breakfast show by Kamene and Kibe has been gaining audiences throughout.

Their Breakfast show was ranked sixth overall in the country. And the second most popular English show after Classic FM’s Maina and King’ ang‘ i.

Jalangoo take over

No sooner had Kibe announced his exit than his fans rushed over to Edgar Obare’s Instagram to bash Jalangoo. Because it was seemingly obvious he’d be the replacement. Some said he could not match up to the English expected of him at Kiss 100.

After enough speculation, Jalangoo has confirmed that he’ll be joining Kamene Goro on the morning show.

So in the video above Kibe hands over his job to his replacement in a handshake.

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Hey @kamenegoro You know I love you Right?

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Kamene Goro also welcomed him to the show.

His loyal fans have gone ahead to congratulate him and wish him all the best.

So what do you guys think it shall be like once Jalangoo replaces Kibe on Kiss 100? Do you think Jalangoo and Kamee Goro make a good duo or not? Do you think Jalangoo will manage to host in English? Share your thoughts below.

By Wanjiru Mbaru.

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3 years ago

Never listening to Kiss again.

3 years ago

Let me stick to Maina nad Kingangi…

3 years ago

I think until there’s someone better in that show, goodbye kiss

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