This website has not been lenient on this brother for a while…

Maybe because he’s wound himself up in alot of messed up stuff this year

But hey!

Give Ceasar what belongs to Caesar,

It’s not exactly bad news today.

Why? you may ask.

Jalangoo went back to Kiss 100 after losing his job at Milele FM.


Yeah back.

He had a stint with Kalekye Mumo back in ze day

Jalangoo this year…

I know it’s a weird title

Tried typing Jalangoo’s

Well, I don’t know…

Something about that “O” with all those apostrophes just doesn’t sound right to me.

But eneweiz,

It’s been a mixed year for Jalangoo as he’s landed in the Boys Club scandal and lost his job.

But his YouTube channel “Jalangoo TV” has recently blown up and is currently at 143,000+ subscribers.

He has hosted household names that we have covered on this e.g Tanasha Donna, Andrew Kibe just to mention a few.

A good number of celebrities took to social media to wish Jalangoo a successful first day and the best of luck

Here’s just a few of them:

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I love you siz! @bettymuteikyallo

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Kanadia Katambeeee…..@nadia_mukami

A post shared by JALANG'O (@jalangoo) on

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Thanks bro…we got this @ericomondi

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This all happened after Jalangoo replaced Andrew Kibe on the Morning Kiss. Here’s the story.

Here’s a snippet from the show,

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Or are you the man for @kamenegoro ?

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What I thought about it…

I mean, it started off as cringe.

Alot of awkward silences here and there but well,

It was day one…

Still needs alot of work on the chemistry part.

I mean, Andrew Kibe might have be throwing BNN shade after the Natalie Tewa story,

But at least he has chemistry with Kamene Goro.

A little too much?

Andy might throw alot of shade but idk,

He felt like the guy for the job

He will be missed.

But hey,

Jalas has been on a good streak the past month,

Let’s see if he’ll fill in the space.

But anyway guys,

Gotta bounce.

Here’s my Instagram.

Pseudos are welcome too.

You know I’m talking to you.

Now bye.

By Baba Mboga

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I want to read something that I won’t find on Instagram ?? You’re not pulling me in with this kind of writing.


Jalango hosted with Caroline Mutoko not Kalekye


Nothing interesting here. He did well on Kiss 100, thank you Jalango for entertaining us today

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